Inter-Flex Detangle Hair Brush

£5.99 Was £7.99

Gentler on your tresses

Regular use - reduces the chances of breakage and hair loss

Suitable for use on wet and dry hair

Fabulous Essentials Inter-Flex Hair Brush is a great addition to your hair grooming kit. You'll love the smooth flexible venting system, specifically designed to transforms unruly wet or dry hair. It will help you remove tangles while minimizing hair breakage in the process.

Start detangling and brushing your hair from the bottom ends and work your way up to the roots. This is especially important for those with thick hair to prevent tugging and reduce hair loss. If you have plenty of hair to work with, divide your strands into sections and gently pull the brush through it.

Once a week gently wash your brush and let it dry naturally. This will prevent bacteria and dead skin cells sticking to the bristles.